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Loan Officer Training was founded by Karen Deis, who was in the mortgage business for 28 years (yep, that’s a long time).  She sold her mortgage company, real estate company and appraisal firm (a “serial” entrepreneur) and realized the need for online training for loan originators, managers and mortgage company owners. (Because it’s easier, cheaper and less hassle than traveling all over the country.)

Loan Officer Training was one of the very first (I’d even bet the FIRST) online companies to provide online training for loan officers (and real estate agents) using webinars, e-zines, sales & marketing tools and free downloads. Over 20,000 loan originators (and counting) have used the online training resources to help them increase their business, save more time and make more money.  Here are some of the niche sales and marketing websites you can choose from.


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Hudson, WI  54016 – Provides apartment mailing lists & apartment complex marketing kits for loan officers and real estate agents–because that’s where you’ll find the majority of first-time homebuyers!  Why market and mail to apartment complexes?  Because the addresses never change, but the people who live there do, so you are constantly marketing to new people. – An online e-zine with sales and marketing articles, tactics and strategies for loan originators to help you increase your business.  Find articles and reports about different niches being used by other loan officers throughout the country. (Swipe & Adapt strategy) You’ll download Client & Realtor® Newsletters that can easily be personalized.  Includes downloadable marketing flyers, postcards, charts and checklists. – Mortgage rules and regulations are changing all the time, and if you are going to be the expert, you’ll need to know the rules because they will help you get more of your loans approved.  This online e-zine reports the rule changes – but BEST OF ALL, INTERPRETS how they will affect loan originators, processors, underwriters, mortgage company owners and mortgage company branch managers.  Agencies we report on are: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, USDA, Reverse Mortgage and Compliance Rules.  Mortgage Talking Points™ and Facebook® apps included.  View online subscription options. – Website created exclusively for women in the mortgage industry.  Company owners, loan officers, processors, underwriters and women who represent affiliated businesses are welcome with open arms.  Become a MORTGAGE DIVA MEMBER and get access to all sales & marketing articles, marketing downloads, online classes, coaching sessions with industry experts as well as an online, members’ only forum to network with one another.

…when in-house training is not enough, Loan Officer Training is your comprehensive online training platform!