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(Created By: Karen Deis)

Perhaps you’re happy and content with the mortgage business referred to you by Realtors and Builders. But even as you read this, there are loan officers who are marketing to homebuyers and sellers up to 6 months before they even contact a Realtor or Builder to purchase their next home.

Using Consumer Direct Marketing Strategies:

  • You have the chance to build a rapport for up to 6 months before they decide on who they are going to work with.
  • You have the opportunity to refer potential homebuyers and sellers to your preferred Realtors and Builders (instead of the other way around).
  • You get first chance to refinance mortgages because of their “affinity” sources.
  • You have first chance to get them pre-approved for a mortgage, even before they have an opportunity to talk to another loan officer.

You may not even have a chance…
Loan officers who are marketing directly to the consumer are way ahead of the game. You know that Realtors and builders are starting their own mortgage companies, they are originating loans themselves, and they are referring people to their own Internet sites.

By marketing consumer-direct, you will begin to bond with potential customer way ahead of time. You will stop the “mortgage shopping” by getting clients pre-approved for a mortgage. And, these days, what Realtor or Builder in their right mind would tell a client to start over again with another loan officer? Not many! After all, with the rules changing – and the mortgage already pre-approved, the deal closes faster, too!

Do you want to control your business? Control the leads? Or do you want to depend upon someone else to control your income for you.

If you plan on staying in the mortgage business, you need to consider changing the way you do business. Now!

What you’ll get when you order the FULL KIT:

There are 6 different marketing campaigns for you to implement and the kit also includes an audio CD, explaining each section in detail and step-by-step instructions on how to use each marketing campaign.

Price includes shipping.


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