Corporate Benefits Marketing Kit




(Created By: Karen Deis)

[This kit is also available in the Complete Consumer Direct Marketing Kit, in full form, as one section of a 5-marketing strategies kit. Click here for more information.]

If you don’t have local employers sending their employees to you for their mortgage and real estate needs, you are missing out big time! This is a no-brainer way to get consumers calling YOU – because their employer is endorsing you as their mortgage lender of choice!

Did you know that almost half of those looking to buy or refinance are getting their financial advice (mortgage and real estate advice, too) from fellow employees?

Warning! This system has nothing to do with marketing to corporate relocation departments – but how to get your foot in the door with your local companies, factories…basically anybody that has employees.

And, it’s not only limited to corporate accounts! Offer this unique program to local clubs, associations, church groups, public employees (teachers, firemen, policemen) – you name it!

Stop getting one lead at a time – and use the Corporate Benefits System Kit to generate many leads from companies with 10-20 employees, to an unlimited number employees of local companies who think you are the best thing since sliced bread!

When you purchase the Corporate Benefits Marketing system, you will receive:

  • Audio CD on how to identify the ideal corporate accounts
  • Audio CD on how to initially set up your closing costs savings program
  • Sample letters
  • Sample corporate presentation (when appointment has been set up)
  • Sample brochures and posters (when account has been set up)
  • Follow up letter to renew benefits
  • One hour of free coaching (via the phone)
  • Bonus Chapter – How to Hold Effective Seminars

Price includes shipping.


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