Seminar-in-a-Box: Complete First Time Homebuyer Seminar




Have you ever thought about holding First Time Home Buyer Seminars but didn’t pull the trigger because you really didn’t know what topics to cover?

We’ve taken the guess-work out of it for you and created a CD with a Power Point Presentation and script with what to talk about with each slide.  The CD content has been created in a format so you can easily edit the PowerPoint and the script.

The seminar has been vetted by compliance experts to insure that all disclosures are accurate.

Here’s what’s covered in the Done-4-You First Time Home Buyer Seminar Class CD:

Topics covered in the presentation:

  • Why You Need to Get Pre-approved for a Mortgage
    • 6 sub-topics slides
  • Shopping for a Mortgage – Questions to Ask
    • 11 sub-topics slide
  • Comparing 30-year to 15-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
    • 6 sub- topics  slides
  • The Inside Scoop About Appraisals
    • 8 sub-topic slides
  • The Dotted Line – What You Need to Know About Purchase Agreements
    • 9 sub-topic slides
  • Why Mortgage Insurance is Required for Most Types of Loans
    • 8 sub-topic slides
  • What You Need to Know About the Final Approval
    • 8 sub-topic slides

You will also receive one hour of free coaching when you purchase this product.

Price includes shipping.


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